Our step-by-step guide to printing and aligning your artwork with a  Cricut Maker 3

Our step-by-step guide to printing and aligning your artwork with a Cricut Maker 3

Our Step-by-step guide to Printing and Aligning Your Artwork with Cricut Maker 3


At Ivory & Stone, we take pride in the artistry and craftsmanship that go into creating our bespoke wedding stationery. We proudly print our letterpress pieces in house on our antique press, and recently acquired a foil press which is the perfect addition to our studio.
While we leave digital printing to the experts, we love having the ability to test and trial new designs in-house. By using our own digital printer, combined with the Cricut Maker 3, we have the ability to explore new ideas and create samples. Recently we wanted to create small, scalloped shaped place cards, however the lead time to outsource was too long, and we wanted to show a sample to the client, which meant doing it in-house was a better option.
Ivory and Stone | Wedding Stationery Australia

Here's a peek into the process we followed to create place cards using our Cricut Maker 3.

What We Used:

Printer: Canon Pro 300
Cricut Maker 3
Cardstock: A4 size, 300gsm uncoated

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Create Your Artwork

Using Adobe InDesign, create a new document at A4 size (or whatever size your cardstock is). Create a 1-inch margin within your document, this is a crucial step for later alignment in Cricut Design Space.

We used Illustrator to create a custom shape and pasted it into InDesign. Align the shape to the top left of the 1-inch margin. On a separate layer, add your artwork - for this project it was simply text for the guest name.

Duplicate the shape and artwork to fit multiple pieces on your A4 sheet. We then changed the guest names as needed. You may need to create multiple pages within InDesign to capture all the names.
Ivory and Stone | How to print and cut using Cricut Maker 3

Artwork and custom shape on seperate layers in InDesign aligned to 1in margin top left.

2. Print Your Artwork on Your Printer

Once satisfied with your artwork, turn off the shape layer and send the file to your printer. Ensure you only print the artwork layer!

3. Export Your Custom Shape to Cricut Design Space

In InDesign, export the custom shape layer only as a jpeg. Head over to your Cricut Design Space, start a new project, upload the jpeg, and select 'simple' as the image type. Remove only the exterior shape when prompted to remove the background.

Ivory and Stone | How to print and cut own artwork in Cricut

When prompted, select Cut Image and not Print then Cut Image.
Ivory and Stone | Print and cut in Cricut Maker 3

Once that's done you'll need to add it to your canvas. You'll see it will be imported at a large size - not the correct size for cutting. Head back to InDesign and select the entire shape layer, ie: all the place card shapes together. Check the dimensions of this selection and then adjust them in Cricut Design space. Make sure your dimensions are locked when doing this so they are in proportion.

4. Cut Your Prints

Press 'Make' in Design Space. This is where you need to align it correctly to the 1inch margin.
Our board is set to cm, but the 1inch margin is easy to identify by the white lines.
Make sure the top left corner of your shapes is aligned exactly to the 1inch top and left margin. This is why we set it up this way in InDesign.

5. Time to cut using the Cricut Maker 3

Place your printed card at the 0/0 (ie very top left margin, not the 1inch margin) on your cutting mat. Select 'Heavyweight Cardstock 100lb' as the material, and adjust cut pressure as needed. I used the default setting but you may need more strength to cut through your paper.

Voilà! You've created a beautifully registered print and cut masterpiece for your wedding stationery. 

We'd love to know how you went! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.
Ivory and Stone | How to align stationery design to Cricut

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