Customisations - wedding invitations

What You Can Customise:

  1. Wording: You have the freedom to customise the wording of your card. Make it truly yours by adding your names, wedding details, and any additional information you'd like to include.
  2. Additional lines: If you require additional lines for specific details, our design team will gladly accommodate your request. Keep in mind adding too much copy to the invitation card will change the aesthetic so an enclosure card may be a more suitable option.
  3. Ink and envelope colours: Select colours that coordinate with your wedding styling. 
  4. Print method: Choose the print method that best suits your preferences and desired aesthetic. 

What Cannot be Customised:

  1. Design Layout: To ensure a consistent and professional aesthetic, the design layout of our semi-custom collections cannot be modified. We have carefully crafted each layout to complement the overall design and maintain visual harmony.

  2. Fonts: The fonts used in our semi-custom designs are thoughtfully chosen to enhance the overall design. We do not offer customisation options for fonts to maintain the integrity of our designs.